Since we’ve been getting visits from almost all over the globe, and, although I understand that everybody visiting this blog speaks Spanish, I thought it’d do no harm to go a little international, just in case a lost soul stumbled upon this.

BwayInSpain started from the need to discuss anything happening on Broadway, which shows I’d be longing to see… who’s doing what part or who deserved that Tony. Besides, lately, musical theatre is starting to become quite popular here in Spain, with the opening of big musicals, and not only in Madrid but also with big names touring the country.

But, I know you all must be wondering, who is BwayInSpain??

I’m a doctor who went from planning a trip to NYC to watching every video she could find about Spring Awakening, Hair, Gavin Creel, Jonathan Groff…twitter and different websites did the rest.

Thanks to @broadwaygirlNYC I found out that a humble fan could have interesting opinions and, after searching for something similar here I decided to set up BwayInSpain or… as many call it: «The Bway Paella».

As months went by, I add to add members to this family to help me cover what was happening in other cities. First came Lucía, a student of Fine Arts from Madrid who has been a lifetime friend and has always been linked to the art one way or another. Later on, we found Paola, who shared our passion for Broadway and who, since then, has become essential in this blog.

Here you will also find the priceless occasional help of some friends whom I owe big time.

In this blog you will find an informal and laid down approach to the news and reviews of the new musicals. Here you won’t find impartial information like in the most traditional websites, but we promise you will still find it interesting. Since we are theatre nerds just like you, we try to post the features you would do if given the opportunity, interviews with actors you’d love to meet… Because that’s exciting for us too‼

I’m sorry I don’t usually post in English but it’d be crazy doing both languages at the same time and it would also mean terribly long posts.